Manchester people, in common with the rest of the population of the world, are facing the twin crises of man-made climate change and resource depletion. There are no easy answers and there is little time to take the radical action required.

The aim of the Irwell Group (named for one of the rivers that flows, mostly unseen and unloved, through Manchester) is to provide a constructive challenge to those taking action on climate change in Manchester. We hope to offer fresh perspectives and ideas that will provoke new ways of looking at the problems and inspire different and better solutions.

We do this through publications focusing on change in Manchester and the organisation of occasional events to promote discussion.

On the ideas page we will post about new articles we have written and post ideas for articles that we’d like to write when time allows or see written by others. We welcome your comments and thoughts and will use them when and if we come to write the articles.


Living Well in Manchester
An Uncertain Future – building a social movement in Manchester
Culture, the missing element of “A Certain Future”

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